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The Limitless Model of Behaviour

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

This model put forward by Jim Kwik in his book Limitless is how we help our clients develop behavioural skills to learn how to learn. Once we have developed enough of these skills, we can then put them to work to help us build the required club, ball flight and environmental skills.

The 3 M's


We like Carol Dwecks work on this with the Fixed versus the growth Mindset. We are all a combination of these, and they fluctuate at times. We must identify which elements of fixed and growth are serving us well and which are getting in our way. We can then take appropriate action to explore behaviours that allow us to improve and reach our goals.


We all need a reason to attempt to achieve our goals. We help guide our clients to goals which are internally motivated ideally or at least a combination or internal and external. So, although setting a goal that we want people to think well of us (Internal) is understandable, this is ultimately out of our control. We could set a goal of understanding how to influence the ball flight and create an expectation of outcome which will create more intentional golf shots.


We use many learning techniques and methods to help you learn golf. We need to understand the task in front of us and break it down into learnable chunks. The makeup of these chunks will depend on the learner, what their goals are and what they currently know, be it consciously or sub-consciously. Awareness, action and reflection are at the core of how we ask our clients to learn. We provide a collaborative learning app to take notes and reflect. We will sometimes guide you on the nature of long term and working memory, Challenge point theory or the forgetting curve to name a few methods. We also follow Gabrielle Wulf's Optimal Learning Theory which we will explore in more detail in later posts.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to discussing more on these topics in the future.

John and Tom

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